March 7, 2007

Ukraine ends exports quotas for barley, corn


The Cabinet of Ministers in the Ukraine has decided to end the existing export quotas for barley and corn as the country will only keep quotas for rye and wheat exports till the end of market year (MY) 2006/2007 (July-June).


In September 2006, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced licenses for grains export, and in October, the government approved the regulations on introduction of quotas for grains export.


In December, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced the quota for 1.106 million tonnes of grains for export for 2006/07 MY, including 3.000 tonnes of wheat and rye, 600.000 tonnes of barley and 500.000 tonnes of corn.


On February 13, 2007, the Ukrainian Government gave additional export quotas for grains to port elevators and/or terminals which were stored before January 25, 2007. Additional quota for wheat and meslin (mixture of rye and wheat) totals 228.000 tonnes, for barley 606.000 tonnes, and for corn 30.000 tonnes.