March 6, 2024


France implements US$105 million duck vaccination plan to combat avian flu



France has initiated a comprehensive US$105 million vaccination plan against avian flu in ducks, marking a significant step in its efforts to combat the disease, AviNews reported.


Renowned for its duck industry and famed delicacy foie gras, France's decision to vaccinate ducks underscores the severity of the situation. Ducks are particularly vulnerable to the avian flu virus, often shedding it into the environment before displaying symptoms, facilitating its transmission.


The vaccines deployed in France's duck industry have undergone rigorous testing across various European Union countries.


Under the vaccination plan, approximately 64 million French ducks, raised for both meat and foie gras production, will receive two injections each by summer 2024. This extensive immunisation drive aims to achieve mass immunity within the duck population by the year's end.


France's proactive approach has raised concerns among its trading partners. There are fears that the vaccination programme could potentially mask the presence of the disease, posing risks for importers who may inadvertently acquire infected meat.


The response of trading partners, notably the US, Canada, and Japan, will significantly impact the adoption of these vaccines. Japan, a major market for French duck products, is anticipated to halt imports once the vaccination campaign commences.


Despite apprehensions, France maintains stringent sanitary protocols, which bolster confidence in the effectiveness of its vaccination efforts.


-      AviNews

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