March 6, 2023


Wholesale price of local eggs in Taiwan increases




Taiwan's wholesale price of domestically-produced eggs will be raised by NT$3 (US$0.10) to a new high of NT$55 (US$1.80) per catty (600 grams), while the farm gate price of eggs will also rise by NT$3 to NT$45.5 (US$1.48) per catty, starting March 6, an egg price review committee said.


The price hikes, the second time within one month, were made due to an egg supply shortage, according to Chen Chin-ting, the chief executive of the committee formed by members of Taiwan's Poultry Association, which is composed of producers, processors and sellers of poultry and eggs.


Meanwhile, Chiang Wen-chuan, deputy head of the Council of Agriculture's (COA) Department of Animal Industry, told CNA that the price adjustments were made as egg suppliers told COA about inadequate supply and a significant increase in demand for eggs on the market.


After the adjustments, the farm price of an egg will be increased by NT$0.3 (US$0.01) on average but will still be below NT$5 (US$0.16), Chiang noted, expecting the hikes are unlikely to cause a huge impact on the public.


The second batch of 360,000 eggs imported from Australia is expected to arrive in Taiwan soon as part of the COA's effort to import five million Australian eggs by the end of March to alleviate a nationwide egg shortage, according to Chiang.


Egg prices in Taiwan continue to rise due to a shortage resulting from various factors including a high number of molting hens, avian flu epidemics and higher costs associated with feed.


Last February this year, after a discussion on production, marketing and the market situation between egg sellers and farmers, a consensus on price-raising to reflect soaring costs was reached.


 - Focus Taiwan

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