March 6, 2023


Poultry producers urge Bangladesh's government to fix prices




Amid skyrocketing chicken and egg prices, Bangladesh's poultry producers have called for the government to fix prices as they claimed that the farmers are still incurring losses.


At a press conference in the capital on Sunday, poultry producers platform World Poultry Science Association (WPSA) noted that the country's wholesale egg rate is below the production cost. This comes as poultry feed prices soared by up to 123% last February, when compared to 2020.


The feed price hikes are more than 71% in the past one year, according to the association's leaders, who blamed middlemen, price manipulations and extortion.


Poultry Science Association former president AI Fazle Rahim Khan gave a detailed media presentation suggesting the industry "is in dire straits".


To protect small farmers, the association leaders placed four-point recommendations including forming a price fixation committee and making the poultry production costs public on a regular basis.


The committee could incorporate university teachers, feed production experts and representatives from Bangladesh's Ministry of Livestock, said Moshiur Rahman, president of the association and managing director of the Paragon Group.


Moshiur said rational production costs should be determined and published in the media every three months.


"The department of agriculture marketing has set profit margins on production, wholesale and retail stages. The margin should be followed to find out whether the feed producers are overcharging," he added.


According to association leaders, prices of one-day chicken started declining in May 2022. Although it had improved slightly in the August-October period, the prices dipped again, causing trouble to the industry.


The leaders added that poultry farms cannot increase or decrease their production overnight as the production needs time.


They feared if such a situation continues, many of the farmers would not be able to continue their businesses.


- The Financial Express

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