March 6, 2012


US authorities release notice on nutrition labelling of poultry



The US' Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) have released a notice to guide inspection programme personnel (IPP) in enforcing the final regulation on the nutrition labelling of single-ingredient products and poultry products.


According to the notice, when performing the general labelling task in PHIS, IPP in meat and poultry establishments are to verify that all single-ingredient ground or chopped meat and poultry products that do not qualify for an exemption under the final regulation, bear "Nutrition Facts" panels on their labels.


IPP are also directed to verify that the establishment has approved labels on file for these products and that the company has supporting documentation for an exemption for any single-ingredient chopped or ground meat and poultry products that do not bear "Nutrition Facts."


IPP have been instructed not to retain ground or chopped meat or poultry products, or take any other regulatory control action or withholding action, if the products do not have "Nutrition Facts" labels.


Compliance and Investigation Division (CID) Investigators and Import Surveillance Liaison Officers (ISLOs) conducting in-commerce surveillance activities at retail stores will verify that retail stores selling the major cuts of single-ingredient meat and poultry have posted signs or provide brochures with nutrition information for the major cuts near their point-of-purchase (POP).  In addition, they will verify that ground and chopped meat and poultry products packaged at retail bear "Nutrition Facts," unless an exemption applies.


Import Inspection Personnel (IIP) will verify that the labelling regulation is being met at re-inspection during label verification procedures.  If product is found that is not in compliance with the regulations, IIP are to notify the regional field office and the Import Inspection Division Headquarters.  At this time, IIP are not to refuse entry on ground or chopped meat or poultry or take any regulatory control action if the products do not have "Nutrition Facts" labels.

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