March 5, 2020


India's poultry groups reject linking coronavirus with chicken, eggs


Members of All Odisha Poultry Forum (AOPF) and All Odisha Layer Farmers Association (AOLFA) in India appealed to the people not to believe in the rumour spread by some people against eating chicken and eggs.


"Some miscreants have started sharing a fake message which says that people may get infected if they eat chicken and eggs. But it is completely false and baseless information. Not a single organisation including World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that people will get infected with coronavirus if they eat chicken and eggs," said AOPF President Harmohan Das.


He said because of the fake message and false information, thousands of poultry farmers are facing loss. "We were selling a life bird at around INR70, but now we have to sell it between INR35-40 per one life bird. It is a huge loss for thousands of poultry farmers in Odisha due to lack of demand," he added.


AOLFA President Manas Mangaraj said they were selling an egg at INR3.40 last week, but now the rate has gone down. "We have to sell an egg at INR2.80 which is much less than the normal rate. Due to some fake news creators, the whole industry is facing a tough time. We have 151 egg laying farms in the state," he added.