March 5, 2019

AB Vista to run real-time demonstrations of NIR at VIV Asia 2019


Visitors to AB Vista's booth at VIV Asia 2019 (March 13-15) will have the chance to "step inside the world of NIR," with live demonstrations bringing the near infrared spectroscopy process to life and in real time, the company announced.


Taking place in Hall 103, Booth 1820 of the VIV Asia show, the activity will cover all aspects of the process – from preparation to analysis – showing how a better understanding of substrate levels in raw materials can improve application of feed additives, to extract maximum nutritional value from feed.


Marylan Dela Mar Rivera, AB Vista's regional sales director for South East Asia, explained that, in an increasingly challenging commercial environment, NIR is becoming ever-more central to nutrition strategies.

 "As producers continue to fine tune their strategies, NIR is emerging as a key part of the toolkit. New developments have extended NIR application beyond traditional proximate analysis, to the measurement of parameters such as phytic-P levels – enabling companies to optimise feed additive application, through precision evaluation of such anti-nutritional factors," Rivera said.


"But as useful as the technology is, it is a complex science, and one requiring some understanding of machine calibrations, sample preparation and analysis parameters, in order to ensure robust, actionable results. We look forward to sharing the latest best practice tips on these at our booth."


Rivera added that AB Vista will also share valuable information on 'the next part of the equation', in terms of feed strategy.


"Once the substrate levels have been identified via NIR, producers' next challenge is applying additives such as enzymes 'smartly', to deliver incremental performance improvements," she said.


"We'll be sharing the latest insights in this area at our booth, looking at ways in which the microbiome can be trained to degrade fibre – and presenting our new phytase research."


AB Vista's latest phytase research supports the concept of "Maximum Matrix Nutrition" – a feed strategy that serves to deliver maximum phytate breakdown whilst reducing viscosity and increasing fibre fermentability. The net result is improved nutrient utilisation and a significant improvement in amino acids, minerals and energy, meaning diets can be formulated with higher nutrient credits, delivering considerable feed cost savings.


AB Vista will host a seminar on March 13, 1pm, that will explore phosphorus and phytase use in broiler feeds, as well as looking at enzyme matrices in relation to digestibility.


Event attendees are invited to join the seminar, located in Room 211 on the second floor of BITEC.

- AB Vista

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