March 5, 2008


ABN joins in effort to assist UK pig industry


The Associated British Nutrition (ABN), a specialist pig and poultry feed company, is collaborating with industry players to assist the ailing pig industry.


Following the sharp increase in global grain demand and feed costs, ABN is now working closely with its customers to assist in lessening the impact.


The company is explaining raw material issues to retailers, processors and producers while helping them to develop strategies to reduce feed costs, according to ABN managing director, Alan Murphy.


British Pig Executive (BPEX) chief executive Mick Sloyan confirmed that they are working with ABN to handle the crisis that the industry is currently facing.


ABN customer services manager Stephen Newland said producers are given detailed information about the market to assist in feed program modification so as to ensure the best cost-effective rations for the pigs.


Producers are encouraged to use other parts of the business to help maximise their returns while ABN also strives to cut costs in its specialised feed products.