March 4, 2020


Bayer Animal Health launches global initiative to advance swine well-being


Bayer Animal Health has launched the new global Care4Pigs grant initiative to support and advance livestock professionals' efforts to ensure the well-being of animals.


Through the Care4Pigs initiative, Bayer Animal Health-in collaboration with the Farm Animal Welfare Education Centre and the Korean Association of Swine Veterinarians-will select three projects that will receive €10,000 (US$11,156) each to support innovation aimed at enhancing swine well-being, which is a prerequisite for good animal health. 


"Livestock professionals are creative innovators who work to overcome various challenges to keep animals healthy and well-cared for. We see remarkable and forward-thinking work on swine operations around the globe. And we are pleased to extend our support and collaborative knowledge through Care4Pigs to further benefit swine well-being", said Almut Hoffmann, head of Farm Animal Products Marketing at Bayer Animal Health.


The Care4Pigs initiative aims to support and drive farm-level innovations developed by farmers, farm animal keepers, veterinarians, researchers and graduate students who are working to enhance swine well-being in innovative and practical ways.


Octavio Orlovsky Eckhardt, head of Swine Species Marketing, Bayer Animal Health, elaborates: "The Care4Pigs jury will be looking for submissions that demonstrate an innovative approach and measurable benefit on swine well-being. The project's on-farm practicality and applicability through different systems and production conditions will also be considered, as well as its economic viability".


Selection of award grantees


The award grantees will be selected by a jury composed of independent animal well-being experts from academia, as well as representatives of the Care4Pigs partner organisations and Bayer Animal Health.


Submissions for the Care4Pigs grant are welcome from farmers and farm animal keepers, practicing veterinarians, as well as researchers and graduate students in veterinary medicine and agricultural or animal sciences.


Submitted projects should demonstrate innovative, practice-oriented ways to improve swine well-being on farm level; they must also be either already underway or planned to start by early 2021.


Grant applications must be submitted by June 30 at and should include a completed submission form and project proposal.


Visit to find out more about the grant and to apply.
Bayer Animal Health's Care4Pigs global grant initiative aims to help swine professionals turn
innovative ideas for advancing pig well-being into reality. Image: Bayer Animal Health
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