March 4, 2013


Bayer CropScience, Sygenta seek approval for herbicide-tolerance soy trait





Bayer CropScience and Syngenta have submitted applications for the approval of a new herbicide-tolerance soy trait in various countries.


It is  currently under review by regulatory authorities in the US  and Canada as well as key  soy-importing countries, including the  EU. The launch is expected between 2015 and 2020. The new trait confers tolerance to three herbicide active ingredients: Mesotrione, Glufosinate-ammonium and Isoxaflutole (MGI). This MGI herbicide-tolerance trait offers an important new tool for  soy growers faced with challenging weeds such as waterhemp, Palmer pigweed and lambsquarters.

The new trait will broaden the herbicide options available to soy growers by offering tolerance to Callisto® and Balance® herbicides, the leading HPPD-inhibitor products. Further assisting growers in weed resistance management, the new soyproduct will also be tolerant to Liberty® herbicide, while maintaining soyyield and agronomic performance.

MGI herbicide tolerance will finally open the doors for consistent, market-leading residual weed control combined with a powerful post-emergence control option to soygrowers. This technology will substantially improve soy productivity and sustainability of weed control practices by enabling growers to use more effective, residual herbicides that offer maximum flexibility.

"Bayer CropScience is excited to work with Syngenta to provide growers a powerful new weed management tool in soybeans," said Tim Zurliene, Global Trait Marketing and Licensing Manager of  Bayer CropScience. "This new trait and herbicide system will enable growers to build highly effective weed management programmes in soybeans while  utilising rotation of multiple and highly effective herbicide modes of action - critical in the ongoing fight against weed resistance."

"MGI herbicide tolerance will play an important role in promoting sustainable soybean weed management and provide growers another tool to  maximise soybean yield," said Brett Miller, Technical Product Lead of  Syngenta. "We expect MGI herbicide tolerance to become the foundation for soybean products containing stacked herbicide tolerance traits, offering multiple modes of action to control the broadest spectrum of weeds."

The MGI herbicide tolerance trait will be available in NK® brand soy varieties offered by Syngenta and  Bayer's branded varieties as well as out-licensed to other seed brands once all the necessary  regulatory approvals have been obtained.


Additionally, each company is developing its own soy herbicide products and programmes that will be utilised with the new soy varieties.

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