March 4, 2010

ASF outbreak in Russia threatens Eastern Europe


Another large-scale outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in Russia which has already led to slaughter of more than 4,000 pigs, threatens to spill over into neighboring countries, some analysts believe.

According to the Ukrainian media reports, in order to prevent the entry of the virus into the territory of Ukraine, the local authorities have already banned the imports of meat from Russia and transferred all the pig farms to closed operation mode, however the situation remains difficult.

There is a possibility that similar measures could be implemented by other states that border Russia.

Currently, the Russian veterinary authorities continue the slaughter of pigs and to date destroyed more than 4,000 animals. This is the second large-scale outbreak of the disease in Russia in the last two months

Earlier in January, an outbreak of ASF caused the destruction of nearly 200,000 pigs, with direct losses amounted to EUR5 million. In general, the total direct damage from the epidemic amounted to RUB1 billion.