March 3, 2004



China's Shandong Province Implement Laws To Aid Poultry Industry


The provincial government of China's Shandong Province has instituted a series of favourable policies to encourage the development of the poultry industry.


Shandong, in the eastern region of China, has the largest poultry breeding base in the country. To date, it has not been affected by the bird flu outbreak, but the authorities are preparing for any emergency, an official with the provincial government said.


Shandong has promised to compensate breeders for the culling of their flocks in areas affected by bird flu within the province. Subsidies will also be provided for vaccinated areas.


The authorities will also provide favorable loans to poultry breeders with low interest and an extended repayment time, said the official.


All poultry-related industries, from breeding, processing to refrigerating enterprises in Shandong would be exempt from profit tax in 2004.


The provincial government also proposed protection of fowls kept for breeding, the official said. Shandong would establish quarantine belts by vaccinating outdoor rearing fowls within 3 kilometers of parent fowl enterprises, strictly ensuring safety.

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