March 2, 2020


3,000 swine die from latest African swine fever in Indonesia


New African swine fever (ASF) outbreak in East Nusa Tenggara bordering East Timor has prompted the Indonesian government to impose tighter restrictions on swine and pork product transports, reported Reuters.


The Agriculture Ministry said 2,825 swine died from ASF in five areas in East Nusa Tenggara. The new transport restriction measures will be enforced throughout the country's border to East Timor, which had reported several ASF cases since September 2019.


I Ketut Diarmita, the Agriculture Ministry's director general for livestock and animal health, said officers and quarantine officials have been informed of the new measures.


Additionally, the ministry is currently investigating the source of the ASF outbreak, as well as conducting disinfection and improving biosecurity measures. Farmers have also been informed not to sell sick livestock and correctly dispose of swine carcasses.


According to government data, East Nusa Tenggara has 2.1 million swine.


The new cases come after 47,000 swine were killed due to the disease in North Sumatra, western Indonesia. More than 1,700 swine have also been suspectedly killed by ASF in Bali.


-      Reuters