March 2, 2020


Researchers studying insect butter as an environmentally friendly alternative


Scientists at Ghent University in Belgium are replacing dairy butter with larvae fat as insect grease may be more sustainable compared to dairy, reported Reuters.


To create the insect butter, researches soak Black solder flu larvae into a bowl of water, then its is blended. This results in a grey-coloured mixture, which is then put into a kitchen centrifuge to extract the insect butter.


DaylanTzompa Sosa, the scientist overseeing the study, said the benefits of insect butter are that insects use less land than cattle, insects are more efficient at converting feed and the bugs consume less water to create butter.


Researchers say consumers cannot differentiate the taste of a regular cake that replaced a quarter of milk used with larvae fat. But the larvae fat taste is more distinct when 50% of milk used is replaced with it. Consumers that taste the latter cake said they will not purchase that cake.


Scientists around the world have been trying to use insects as a sustainable alternative to other animal products as it contains high levels of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.


-      Reuters