March 1, 2024


ASF in Latvia continues to spread among wild boars


According to Martiņs Serzants, the head of the animal infectious diseases monitoring division of Latvia's Food and Veterinary Service (PVD), African swine fever continues to spread among wild boars in the country, Public broadcasting of Latvia reported.


Serzants said the ASF affected area has expanded since the country experienced its second epidemiological wave of the disease Latvia during the summer of 2021.


The virus's progression has been gradual, originating in the eastern border area before spreading through Latgale and parts of Vidzeme.


Serzants said there is a need for proactive measures to address the situation effectively. He suggested that areas with higher concentrations of wild boars are likely to experience more cases this year, underscoring the importance of strategic planning and intervention.


In the long term, Serzants stressed the necessity of regulating the situation through intensified hunting activities. However, he cautioned that swine farmers in areas affected by the infection must remain vigilant and adhere to specific precautions to protect domestic swine from the virus's spread.


-      Public broadcasting of Latvia

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