March 1, 2023


Wholesale egg prices in Tokyo, Japan is at its highest in 42 years



Japanese egg seller JA.Z-Tamago Co said wholesale egg prices in Tokyo, Japan, reached a record high of JPY 327 per kg in February 2023, the highest level for the month since February 1981, Jiji Press reported.


The company said wholesale eggs prices in the area was JPY 152 per kg in February 2022. Prices in February 1981 were JPY 393.


The high egg prices were due to recent highly pathogenic bird flu outbreaks at farms for egg-laying hens across Japan.


Due to the egg supply shortage, an increasing number of restaurant chains in the country are stopping the sale of certain menu items.


Japan had reported 76 bird flu outbreaks this season, a record number for a single season, in 25 of the country's 47 prefectures.


The number of chickens culled due to bird flu has also reached a record high of about 14.78 million, as many outbreaks occurred at large-scale farms with over one million chickens.


-      Jiji Press

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