March 1, 2013


Ukraine's meat exports earn US$316 million in 2012


Ukraine exported meat and meat products worth US$316 million in 2012, according to the Agrarian Policy and Food Minister, Mykola Prysiazhniuk.


Beef exports rose by 95% compared to a year earlier, whilst exports of pork, poultry meat and their by-products increased by 62%.


At a press conference in Kyiv, the minister stressed that meat and meat products export rates grew considerably in 2012. Ukraine earned a total of US$316 million on meat exports whilst national agricultural producers supplied the products to foreign markets at US$42.2 million.


"Compared with the previous year, meat and offal food increased by 2.7%, poultry by 14.9% and canned poultry meat by 32.9%. In total, meat production grew by 2.1% last year", said the Minister.


A total of 8,996 tonnes of beef was exported in 2012, 95% up against 2011, whilst pork exports came to US$92.6 million, with over 20,000 tonnes of pork supplied to foreign markets. Ukraine also achieved its largest volume of exported meat and by-products of poultry meat in 2012 - 80,653 tonnes to the amount of US$145.2 million, realising a  growth of 62% compared to 2011.


Additionally, speaking at the meeting of Committee on Economic Reforms, Mykola Prysiazhniuk said that Ukraine could triple its overall agricultural production in 2014 by investing in Ukrainian black soils.


"Ukraine has 30% of the black soils of the world - 42 million hectares," the Minister said. "If we invest in them, we can increase our agricultural production by three times."