March 1, 2010


Iraq buys 380,000 tonnes of Russian and Canadian Wheat


Iraq's state-run Grain Board has purchased 380,000 tonnes of wheat for delivery in July and August on CIF basis, the second largest Iraqi wheat purchase this year, a senior board official said Sunday (Feb 28).


The official, who did not want to disclose the purchase prices, said 180,000 tonnes of Russian wheat was purchased from Exim Gain Ltd., 100,000 tonnes Canadian wheat from an Iraqi company named Balad Al Zuhoor and 100,000 tonnes Australian wheat from Glencore Ltd.


The deals were the results of a tender for a nominal 100,000 tonnes of wheat that closed February 23 with offers valid until March 2.


The last time Iraq bought wheat was earlier this month when it bought some 400,000 tonnes of Canadian wheat at US$215 per tonne, bringing total wheat purchases so far this year to 780,000 tonnes.


Iraq plans to import between three million to 3.5 million tonnes of wheat this year, according to Iraqi grain board officials.