February 29, 2020


New African swine fever outbreak kills 3,000 Indonesian pigs


After almost 3,000 animals died in a new outbreak of African swine fever in an eastern province bordering East Timor, Indonesia is tightening curbs on the movement of pigs and pork products, the agriculture ministry said on Friday.


The ministry said 2,825 pigs have died by Thursday in five areas of East Nusa Tenggara. The curbs will also be enforced along the border with East Timor, where cases had been reported since late in September.


"I have asked officers and quarantine authorities to tighten transport of live animals and products from East Timor," I Ketut Diarmita, the ministry's director-general for livestock and animal health, stated.


The ministry has sent teams to determine the source of the infection, carry out disinfection and stiffen biosecurity measures, while urging farmers not to sell sick animals and to dispose of pig carcasses properly.


Government data shows that the province has a pig population of about 2.1 million. The latest outbreak comes after the disease emerged in the western province of North Sumatra to kill more than 47,000 pigs by Monday.


On the tourist resort island of Bali, more than 1,700 pigs have also died of suspected swine fever.