February 28, 2020


New aquafeed boosts fish growth and survival


Aller Aqua has created a new feed concept incorporating a series of aquafeeds based on a blend of ingredients that further growth and survival in fish as well as resistance and prevention of diseases.


According to the company, results are achieved by balancing the microbial community in the fish gut. Beneficial bacteria are preserved in the fish, to overcome pathogenic bacteria. The feeds included protect the fish continuously and do not cause side effects or exhaustion, boosting long-term effectiveness. No prescription or withdrawal time is required.


Dr Stefano de Dominis, veterinarian at Aller Aqua Italy, explained, "Customers were experiencing continuous problems and wanted an efficient way to improve fish health to deal with the major issues they were facing. Aller Aqua's solution has been to develop a series of feeds to promote fish health and directly preserving beneficial bacteria to help outcompete pathogenic bacteria–the Aller Aqua Support Concept."


The concept has been developed at Aller Aqua Research and thoroughly tested at the same site for more than two years. Testing has been carried out under real-life conditions on more than 30 fish farms in varying geographical locations, and different types of farming systems.


Dr de Dominis said that the benefits of healthy fish include lowered FCR and higher growth, leading to higher farm turnover.


Currently, the Support concept is available for trout, catfish, carp, tilapia, sturgeon, sea bass and sea bream. The concept is applied to Aller Aqua's fry- and selected grower feeds.

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