February 28, 2020


Duterte to issue executive order to curb African Swine Fever


As the Philippine government tries to curb the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF), President Rodrigo Duterte will issue an executive order (EO) to slow down the transport of pigs and pork products in the country, Agriculture Secretary William Dar said Wednesday.


On Tuesday, Duterte met with Dar, Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año and local government officials at the Malacañang Palace to discuss the matter. Issuing the order was among the "win-win" arrangements finalised during the meeting about the fatal hog disease, Dar told ABS-CBN News.


Speaking to reporters in Malacañang, the President said he tasked Dar to come up with a protocol on how to transport pigs and pork products in a way that the spread of the disease is controlled.


Earlier this month, Duterte ordered all government agencies and local government units to comply with the national zoning plan for ASF, which aims to curb the spread of the disease.


The DA issued the zoning plan in December 2019 as one of the key measures to eradicate ASF, which struck hog farms mostly in Luzon.


The Philippines confirmed its first case of ASF in September 2019, prompting a ban on meat products from countries where the hog disease was first reported. The outbreak was first confirmed in hog farms in Luzon, where thousands of pigs have been culled to contain the disease.