February 28, 2020


Brazil, Thailand and Ukraine among top 3 poultry exporters to EU in 2019


A European Commission report cited Brazil, Thailand and Ukraine among the top three suppliers of poultry to the European Union last year, reported Ukrainian Independent Information Agency.


According to the report, Brazil exported 313,600 tonnes of poultry to the EU, followed by Thailand with 308,600 tonnes and Ukraine at 134,260 tonnes, a 8.6% on year increase for the latter.


Ukraine also increased poultry imports by 0.3% to the EU at 178,620 tonnes, the third highest for EU exporters after the Philippines at 228,700 tonnes and Ghana at 164,720 tonnes.


The report also said the United States was the top exporter of agricultural products to the EU, followed by Brazil, Ukraine and China.


-      Ukrainian Independent Information Agency