February 28, 2007


ABN launches shrimp feed made from sustainable sources



Advanced BioNutrition Corp. (ABN), said it has launched a new feed ingredient for shrimp feed made from 100 percent sustainable sources. 


The company's AquaGrow for Shrimp makes it possible for shrimp feed manufacturers to create diets from sustainable  Ingredients such as microalgae, the company said.


Although US and European retailers are pressuring the industry to offer sustainably raised seafood, shrimp farmers have so far been relying on non-sustainable marine ingredients like fish meal and fish oil.


ABN's AquaGrow for Shrimp provides key omega-3 fatty acids from natural sources, including microalgae, the company said. 


According to Robert A. Bullis, an aquatic veterinarian and ABN's Director of Animal Health and Regulatory Affairs, AquaGrow has been developed and field-tested over several years in both the US and Thailand.


The company said Aquagrow would enable the total replacement of fishmeal and fish oil in shrimp feeds, while providing equivalent growth and health in farm-raised shrimp.


As the microalgae are grown in a clean, traceable, and sustainable fashion using conventional fermentation, AquaGrow can be produced at a scale that meets the needs of the entire world¡¯s shrimp farming industry, David Kyle, President of ABN, said.