February 28, 2005



Canada third in global pork exports


Despite setting set a new export record in 2004, Canada's pork industry slipped to third in terms global pork exports behind the United States at second and the European Union.


According to Canada Pork International, the volume of Canadian pork sold to customers in 99 foreign markets in 2004 barely set a new record.


The volume of exports was only 0.4 per cent higher in 2004 than in 2003 but the value of that pork went up by 13 per cent pushing sales to 2.65 billion dollars.


Canada Pork International Executive Director Jacques Pomerleau says more of that pork is leaving North America.


China is the fourth largest export market, followed by Hong Kong, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan and Russia.


The key markets have remained the same as in previous years but for the first time in many years, pork exports to the US went down significantly by close to ten per cent.


Exports to other markets like Japan, Mexico, South Korea and China went up, making up for  the lower sales to the US.


In terms of total global exports, Canada ended the year in third position, the main reason being the shift in the value of the dollar on the world markets.


Exporters are hopeful that 2005 will see a continued expansion of exports and that Canada will regain, at least its second position if not the first in the near future.

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