February 27, 2024


Bird flu outbreak in Tainan, Taiwan leads to culling of over 12,000 chickens



The H5N1 subtype of bird flu was detected on a chicken farm located in Tainan's Jiali district, Taiwan, prompting the culling of 12,794 chickens, Taiwan News reported.


The Tainan City Animal Health Inspection and Protection Office dispatched personnel to carry out the culling operation and sanitise the affected farm. This marks the second outbreak in Jiali district this year, with an adjacent farm undergoing disinfection.


Following the initial outbreak, officials conducted inspections within a 1 km radius. The discovery came after the owner of the neighbouring farm reported unusual deaths among black-feathered native chickens, prompting samples to be sent to a laboratory for analysis.


Confirmation of the H5N1 bird flu subtype necessitated the culling of the affected chickens, totalling 12,794, which were subsequently transported to an incinerator for disposal. To prevent further transmission, rigorous disinfection measures were implemented across the entire chicken farm and its surrounding areas.


The Tainan City Animal Health Inspection and Protection Office has bolstered its bird flu prevention efforts, including heightened surveillance of poultry farms. Nine poultry farms within a 1 km radius of the outbreak site are undergoing regular sampling and monitoring, while 40 farms situated 1-3 km away have implemented similar measures.


Disinfectants are being distributed to all chicken farms in the area, with special attention given to vehicles involved in chicken transportation and processing facilities to ensure thorough disinfection procedures.


-      Taiwan News

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