February 27, 2023


Japan egg prices up to record highs due to bird flu and rising feed prices



Poultry farmers in Japan have been urged to stay calm as egg prices in the country increase to record highs, with highly pathogenic avian influenza spreading in the nation, and feed prices continuing to rise, South China Morning Post reported.


1 kg of medium sized eggs in Japan now costs JPY 335 (~US$2.48; JPY 100 = US$0.73), nearly double the price one year ago.


The egg supply shortage in Japan has resulted in fewer eggs on supermarket shelves, and the 7-Eleven Japan chain of convenience stores stopping sales of 15 products containing eggs.


Due to the bird flu break, Japanese farmers have been forced to cull a record 12.35 million birds since October. 76 farms across 25 of the nation's 47 prefectures have been affected by bird flu this winter.


The issue has been aggravated by rising feed and electricity costs at farms from climbing energy prices due to the Ukraine war.


The Japanese poultry sector said there are no signs that the factors affecting farm operations will change soon, making further price increases are likely. Additionally, consumers in significant export markets in the Asia-Pacific, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau, and Guam, will bear the brunt of the rising prices.


The most recent bird flu outbreak was reported at a farm in Ibaraki Prefecture, north of Tokyo, according to the Japan Poultry Association, which urged member businesses to take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.


-      South China Morning Post

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