February 27, 2012


Philippines prepares for development of pangasius industry in Quezon



In preparation for the development of the pangasius industry in the Quezon province, the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) held a pangasius value chain analysis planning/ workshop on February 21.


Pablito Budoy of DTI Quezon said the planning workshop was attended by representatives/enablers from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), Quezon National Agricultural School (QNAS), TESDA, Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, Office of the City Agriculturist as well as entrepreneurs comprising of pond operators, pangasius breeders, and traders.


The workshop aimed to develop the pangasius industry in the province of Quezon and to provide jobs for the locals, especially in areas where pangasius is grown in cities of Tayabas, Real, Quezon and Lucena City, Mr Budoy added.


The Value Chain Analysis (VCA), conducted by DTI Director, Marcy Alcantara, showed the potential of the industry in the development of the province. Pangasius has the potential as an import substitute which will bring about savings of US$1.6 million. It also serves as a cheap alternative because of its affordability; and, the availability of technical know-how and equipment to handle the production of pangasius processing.


In pangasius production, BFAR will provide technical know-how in fish production like the formulation of alternative feeds supply. BFAR has identified poultry waste like culls (to be cooked) and vegetable wastes as feed supplement for the fish. While the fish thrives even without the commercial feeds, the growth is slow, thus cheaper alternative feeds are needed.


DTI, on the other hand, will facilitate the marketing of the fish products as well as the identification of intervention to be provided to the pangasius entrepreneurs.


Meanwhile, QNAS, with its business incubation facilities, can assist in the processing of various products derived from the fish.


However, BFAR will issue a public policy where pangasius is limited only to ponds and cannot be grown in national lakes and inland water as it may affect endemic fish species.


The local producers like Thomas Reyes of TAM Agri-Aqua, Rico G. Acutan, a pond operator, Albert Alquiros of San Martin Agri Corp., Ted Leonidas, an entrepreneur and Edgardo Azcarraga from Real, Quezon were all in pangasius production, Mr Budoy said.

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