February 26, 2020


NFU calls for Britain not to compromise food safety in trade deals


The National Farmers Union (NFU) said Brexit-bound Britain should not compromise its food safety and animal welfare standards in negotiating trade deals with the United States and other countries, reported Reuters.


Minette Batters, National Farmers Union president said a specialist body of experts should be created to monitor agriculture and food trade regulations.


At the union's annual conference, Batters said there is support for this export body in the government, but the Department of International Trade has posed challenges.


As Britain has left the European Union, it is currently negotiating trade deals with other countries such as the United States, but the different food safety and animal welfare standards has posed an issue.


This includes the use of antimicrobial washes on poultry and growth hormone use in beef production in the United States. Both are prohibited by the European Union.


Batters said while Britain has banned battery cage egg production in 2012, it is still prevalent in some countries. Additionally, antibiotics use for growth promotion is still allowed in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan and Malaysia.


A spokesman for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the country will continue to maintain its high food safety standards when negotiating trade deals.


Britain is currently negotiating a trade deal with the EU, and the bloc is pressuring Britain to also uphold its food safety standards.


-      Reuters