February 26, 2004



Barcelona To Hold Aquaculture Europe 2004


The Aquaculture Europe 2004 conference on "Biotechnologies for Quality" is set to take place in Barcelona, Spain, on October 20-23, 2004.


Preceding the conference, on October 20, a workshop on "Challenges for Mediterranean Aquaculture Products" will take place.


This event is organised by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) in joint cooperation with The European Association of Marine Biotechnology (ESMB) and the European Association of Fish Pathologists (EAFP).


AE2004 "Biotechnologies for Quality" aims to provide an open forum on recent advances in different biotechnologies and their impact on the improvement and guarantee of seafood quality.


Aquaculture Europe 2004 will be organised with plenary thematic sessions addressing the role of biotechnology in areas of production and quality, health management, quality of fish as food and the development of bioactive products from aquaculture.


The parallel and poster sessions will focus on topics including genetics and reproduction; production of larvae and juveniles; ongrowing; rapid health detection methods; vaccines; health management, consumer satisfaction and health benefits; safety and traceability and bioactive products through aquaculture, as well as other challenges for aquaculture development.

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