February 24, 2023

Novus International launches "Scale Up™ program for Sows" at PorciFORUM 2023



Novus International, Inc. will debut its latest programme for swine producers next month with the launch of its "Scale Up™ program for Sows" during PorciFORUM 2023 in Spain.

Scale Up™ for Sows aims to optimise sow lifetime productivity, achieving more pigs per sow lifetime through improvements in reproductive performance, structural integrity of the musculoskeletal system, sow longevity and offspring uniformity and health. Novus has found focusing on these aspects can ultimately lead to more kilogrammes of meat/pounds of pork produced per inventoried sow.

"Optimising and maintaining the health of the sow takes a combination of good management practices, quality feeding programmes and effective feed additives," Marisol Castillo, Global Swine Solutions senior manager at Novus, said. "Through the Scale Up™ program for Sows, we work with producers to identify the ways they can adjust these factors to positively impact their financial outcomes."

Novus has already demonstrated how the programme can impact sows and their progeny. Commercial and research trials featuring MINTREX® bis-chelated trace minerals have shown positive improvements including an average of three more pigs per sow lifetime, 9% less sow mortality and 9% more meat/pork marketed per inventoried sow.

Silvia Peris, Novus executive regional technical services manager for EMEA, attributed these outcomes to the organic trace mineral's superior availability.

"MINTREX® is different from other organic trace minerals on the market. It's bonded to methionine source HMTBa, which protects the mineral as it travels through the digestive system to the site of absorption," Peris said. "This means less mineral is impacted by antagonists and excreted without ever being used by the sow. With MINTREX®, more mineral is available for the sow to use and, from the results, it is being used."

The Scale Up™ program for Sows is supported by XPERT LINK™, a network of leading industry experts covering topics from nutrition, management, health and feed manufacturing. These external partners help Novus representatives develop unique management suggestions and feed recommendations for each customer.

"We're a 30-year-plus international company with connections all over the world. Through XPERT LINK™, we are using those relationships to help our customers meet their production goals," Castillo said.

Novus International will launch the Scale Up™ program for Sows during the eighth annual PorciFORUM, on March 1-2 at the La Llotja Conference Center in Lleida, Spain. The event is catered for those in the Spanish swine community and will feature presentations on the latest innovations in swine farming.

Attendees can also speak with Novus representatives during the event to learn more how Scale Up™ uses the science behind Novus's solutions to create practical plans to meet production goals.

Visitors can also take a Novus[1]sponsored survey on sow production for a special thank-you gift.

- Novus International

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