February 24, 2012


Bangladeshi district's poultry farmers protest feed prices hike



Manikganj Members of Manikganj Poultry Farm and Dealers Association formed a human chain in the district disputing the increase in prices of poultry feed and one-day chicks.


The association urged the government to take necessary steps to control the spiralling prices of the poultry items and save the sector.


Around 200 members of the association from different upazilas participated in the protest in front of Manikganj Press Club.


The association's president Abdul Mannan and vice president Rathin Saha highlighted different problems that the sector is facing now.


The feed producers and hatchery owners discrimi-nately increased the prices of poultry feed and one-day chicks, causing extra charges for general and poultry farmers to run business, said one of the leaders of the body.


"We now buy a 50kg sack of poultry feed at BDT1,900 (US$23.2) and each one-day bird at BDT70 (US$0.85), up from BDT1,750 (US$21.37) and BDT20 (US$0.24) two months back," he said.


These increasing prices are making general mass bound to pay more to meet their daily poultry need, he said. "But the poultry farmers are not getting any benefit in the process."


Fahmida Akter, owner of Khandaker Poultry Farm at Nabagram village under Manikganj sadar upazila, said the sector employs a lot of youths.


The government should come forward and ensure fair prices of poultry feed and one-day chicks for the greater interest of the youths as well as the country, she said.

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