February 23, 2024


Pune, India, struck by first cases of ASF




African swine fever (ASF) was detected for the first time in Pune, Maharashtra, India, in late January, with two cases confirmed.


"The state officials euthanised the infected pigs immediately, which is the only solution as there is no cure," Dr. Devendra Jadhav, state deputy director of disease control (animal husbandry), told Pune Times Mirror. "The officials also carried out culling of many pigs within a 1-km area in Pune Camp, where the pigs were found infected."


ASF was first spotted in the northeastern part of India way back in 2020.


"We noticed and picked up sporadic cases of ASFv in the state (Maharashtra) since late last year, but only now, we caught its presence in Pune, that is late last month. Till late last year, we had recorded around 50 cases in other parts of the state."


Maharashtra conducted a survey on its pig population in January this year and found that the population, which was 14,000 in 2019, has grown to 70,000 in organised pig farms.


"Of the 70,000, we have 11,439 pigs in Pune that will have to be vaccinated (against ASF)," said Dr. Jadhav.

- Pune Times Mirror

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