February 23, 2022


ADM sets new record for largest soybean shipment from northern Brazil



U.S. grains merchant Archer-Daniels-Midland Co (ADM) said it had set a new record for the biggest soybean shipment of 84,802 tonnes in a single vessel from the Ponta da Montanha Grain Terminal (TGPM), located in Barcarena city, Reuters reported.


It is also the biggest volume ever shipped on a grains ship from ports based in the Amazon Basin, according to ADM.


Vitor Vinuesa, ADM's South America logistics director, said the shipment shows the company that there is another option to move soybeans through the TGPM using their own vessel, and they will ship again in the future.


ADM said all soybeans moved will be crushed by the company.

The previous record shipment from Brazil's northern region was 82,531 tonnes of soybean from the port of Santarem in 2020.


-      Reuters

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