February 23, 2010


Norway to supply more pork to Ukraine



Norway plans to increase pork exports to Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian media reports.


According to Nortura, a Norwegian agricultural cooperative, in 2010 the volume of pork production in Norway will amount to 127,300 tonnes which together with the imports of about 2,000 tonnes will exceed the local consumer demand by about 3,400 tonnes.


In 2009 the number of pigs slaughtered in Norway increased by 4% to a record 1.43 million animals compared to 2008.


According to initial plans of the Norwegian authorities, the surplus of pork this year will be shipped to the Ukrainian market. In October 2009, the Veterinary Committee of Ukraine stopped several batches of the Norwegian pork at the border due to concerns about the AH1N1 virus in swine herds in Norway; however it is expected that this year Norway will be able to resume exports to Ukraine.


Meanwhile the production of beef in Norway in 2010, is expected to exceed 83,300 tonnes, with total consumption of 89,700 tonnes. Imports are likely to reach the level of 6,000 tonnes.