February 22, 2024


Cairo 3A School held last January to support Egypt's poultry sector




Within the framework of its commitment to support and develop Egypt's poultry industry, Cairo 3A Poultry, an affiliate of Cairo 3A Group, the largest national entity in the country's food industries sector, organised its annual scientific conference "Cairo 3A School" on January 14-18.


The conference falls within the company's training programme aimed at providing recommendations to breeders to improve and increase productivity and enhance food security. It was attended by more than 150 poultry breeders and experts, in addition to the technical, commercial and marketing departments of Cairo 3A, led by Dr. Mona Mahrez, chairman of Cairo 3A Poultry, and Ibrahim Wagdy, chief executive officer of the company, among others.


Guests in included experts from Hubbard LLC. Scientific lectures introduced by the company's experts explained the genetic characteristics and advantages provided by the international poultry strain, Hubbard Efficiency Plus, to producers and how to achieve the highest productivity from it.


Additionally, a group of senior professors of veterinary medicine and poultry farming from major Egyptian universities, such as Cairo University, Beni Suef University, Assiut University and Damanhour University, participated in specialised scientific lectures.


"The human element represents the backbone of the poultry industry, as it requires extensive experience and continuous monitoring of poultry flocks," said Wagdy. "The breeder must have a comprehensive vision of selecting the best strains, feeding, vaccinations, barn design, ventilation and other technical aspects to master and deal carefully and with special care, enabling him to achieve the highest return on his investments.


"Training and qualification are provided during the conference, starting from an initial test to assess the participants' level, followed by eight scientific lectures lasting eight hours each, in addition to four hours of discussions. In the end, a final evaluation test was conducted, with 80% of the participants achieving an "excellent" grade."

- Zawya

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