February 22, 2024


Vivici ramps up production of animal-free whey protein from fermentation


Vivici, a startup collaboration between Fonterra and DSM-Firmenich, is entering the animal-free dairy market by supplying commercial quantities of whey protein from fermentation to the US market within just over a year of its inception, AgFunderNews reported.


CEO Stephan van Sint Fiet attributes the company's swift progress to leveraging its founders' expertise in dairy proteins and industrial-scale biomanufacturing, highlighting proprietary biotechnology with optimised yeast strains.


Having completed scale-up activities from lab to commercial production, Vivici is now collaborating with partners in Europe and the US for commercial manufacturing, with a focus on continuous fermentation technology.


Van Sint Fiet said there is a need for robust capabilities across the entire value chain, from R&D to marketing, to support a dairy protein ingredients business using precision fermentation.


Regarding pricing, Vivici aims for price parity with traditional milk-derived whey protein, systematically addressing key cost factors to achieve competitiveness.


Vivici's market entry coincides with Nestlé's launch of Orgain protein powder featuring beta-lactoglobulin from fermentation, positioning it as more sustainable and easily digestible.


Van Sint Fiet sees significant market potential given the demand for whey protein and emphasises Vivici's expertise in food and beverage applications, offering support from formulation to launch.


Vivici joins a growing number of firms producing dairy proteins with microbes, including Perfect Day, Remilk, Imagindairy, and others, driven by growing demand and environmental considerations in the dairy industry.


-      AgFunderNews

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