February 22, 2024


Bangladesh Poultry Association blames corporate monopoly for soaring egg and chicken prices


The Bangladesh Poultry Association (BPA) has attributed the recent price surge in eggs and chickens to the monopolistic control of poultry feed and chick production by corporate entities, New Age reported.


During a press conference at the Dhaka Reporters Unity office, BPA leaders expressed concerns over the monopoly's impact on marginal farmers, citing transportation restrictions imposed by the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) that lead to extortion from farmers.


Sumon Howladar, president of BPA, highlighted the disparity in feed prices between contract farmers and marginal farmers, emphasising the financial strain on the latter due to inflated costs.


He further warned of potential price doubling within the next few years if the monopoly persists, alleging that corporate groups profit significantly at the expense of marginal farmers, with an estimated annual loot of Tk 5,000 crore.


The association urged the government to intervene by either establishing its own hatcheries, breaking the monopoly on feed and chick production, or allowing unrestricted importation of feed and chicks.


Additionally, BPA leaders demanded that the BRTA permit marginal farmers to transport chickens in carrier cages to prevent further exploitation by dishonest officials and locals.


They underscored the urgent need to address these issues to stabilise prices and safeguard the interests of small-scale poultry farmers across Bangladesh.


-      New Age

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