February 22, 2022


Avivagen announces appointment of new president


Avivagen Inc. announced last month the appointment of James  Nickerson, PhD as president of the company.


The appointment will be effective immediately.


"Jamie has been one of the most important members of Avivagen since the early days of the organisation. His impressive track record contributing to both the science behind our offerings, as well as the growth of the business surrounding them, makes him the perfect individual to lead the next phase of growth for our company," said Kym Anthony, chief executive officer of Avivagen. "I look forward to working closely with Jamie as he establishes himself in the role and assumes leadership of Avivagen during this exciting and important stage of the company's success."


Currently, Nickerson holds the role of vice president of business development and innovation for Avivagen. In this role,he has been crucial in identifying and establishing a number of the strategic and  important customer and distribution partner relationships that are core to Avivagen's ongoing growth and global expansion. He has also been central in finding new applications for the company's OxC-beta™ product in both the animal and human nutrition fields.


Upon joining Avivagen in 2007, Nickerson established Avivagen's Charlottetown, Canada biological research facility and directed the research and development programme as senior research biologist.


Over the next 15 years, he held progressively senior roles within the company, including director of biology and director of commercialisation science, prior to taking over business development and innovation responsibilities. During this period, he also co-authored six scientific papers on Avivagen's oxidised carotenoid technology platform, and is listed as an author on seven patents relating to the company's product.


"I've been proud to be a part of the Avivagen journey for the past 15 years and am very excited to have the opportunity to lead this exciting next phase of the company," said Nickerson. "We have laid the foundation to become an important global player in the future of both animal and human nutrition at a time when antibiotic effectiveness is waning in both areas.


"There is a bright future ahead for Avivagen, and I look forward to working closely with our team, our customers, our partners and our shareholders to take full advantage of the opportunities at hand."


- Avivagen

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