February 21, 2013


Indonesia's Bisi sees corn seed sales up 38% in 2013



In 2013, PT Bisi International Tbk is targeting increased sales of hybrid corn to reach 12,500 tonnes, or 38% higher than last year, which is 9,000 tonnes.


Corn Seed Market Development Manager PT Tanindo Intertraco Doddy Wiratmoko said optimistic sales targets can be achieved given the weather this year is likely to minimise the kering.Kondisi pests, and increased planting of corn among farmers.


Tanindo Intertraco Bisi International is a subsidiary that specialised in seed production Bisi. According to Doddy, Bisi already has six varieties of hybrid corn seeds, which are BISI 2, BISI 12, BISI 16, BISI 816, BISI 222, and BISI 18.

The two latest varieties, namely BISI 222 launched since the beginning of 2011, and BISI 18 traded in October last year.


So far, 60% of sales are still dominated by hybrid corn varieties BISI 2 which are the oldest varieties. Well, this year sales are expected to remain stable for BISI 2. This year, Tanindo will boost sales of two new varieties, namely 222 and BISI 18.


Doddy also said that the latest two varieties have advantages over previous varieties. BISI 222 varieties are more resistant to pests 'maydis peronosclerospora' diseases (downy mildew), while 18 BISI corn can produce larger fruit.


Last year, sales of corn seed BISI 222 reached 1,000 tonnes, contributing 11.1% to the total sales of corn seed Bisi International. Meanwhile, BISI 18 varieties sold 60 tonnes until the end of the year. As for this year, the two varieties are targeted to be sold each to as much as 2,500 tonnes.


"We are trying to continue introducing new varieties to farmers, distributors, and investors, to boost sales," Doddy said.


Naturally, the company is keen to hoist the corn seed sales. Therefore, approximately 40% of revenues came from Bisi International's corn seed sales, and the rest are from the rice seed sales, horlikultura seeds, pesticides, and fertilisers. Meanwhile, this year's corn seed revenue is targeted to increase from 10-20%.


Currently the production of hybrid corn of PT Bisi International Tbk has been exported to India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Doddy said this year, corn exports are expected to reach 200 tonnes or twice that of exports last year, which is 100 tonnes.


According to him, the potential for sales to India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are quite large. Understandably, the country's third seed corn requires large amounts, but still unable to produce on a large scale.


Until now, the types of seeds exported are only BISI 2. Because BISI 2 varieties are best suited to kondisilahan in the three countries. "BISI 2 is easy to plant, meaning adaptable to various soil conditions and also easy to maintain," explained Doddy.


However, he said in the future, Tanindo will likely export other hybrid corn varieties, if there is demand. Unfortunately, the company did not want to mention the achievement of the performance last year. What is clear is that until the third quarter of 2012, Bisi International has earned revenues of US$617 billion, with a net profit of IDR102 billion (US$10.5 million).