January 20, 2024


Severe heat expected to induce 10% loss of planted area for second crop soybeans in Argentina




Approximately 10% of the planted area for second crop soybeans in Argentina will be lost in the country's core area due to a sustained heat wave, the Rosario Stock Exchange said early this month.


An estimated 100,000 hectares of soybeans were lost so far. The heat wave, which lasted fourteen days, led to an acute deterioration of crop conditions in just two weeks.


The condition of second crop soybeans had notably plummeted: crops of excellent conditions were wiped out, and those in fair to poor conditions increased by 33%, totaling 500,000 hectares — of which 100,000 hectares were lost due to irreversible stress symptoms.


Forty percent of the planted area was still in good conditions and another 10% was in very good conditions.

- Rosario Stock Exchange

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