February 20, 2014


Hungary continues to oppose GMO corn



The government of Hungary is determined to remain genetically modified organism (GMO)-free and will continue to tighten measures necessary to prevent the cultivation of DuPont Pioneer 1507 genetically modified (GM) corn in Hungary, the regional development ministry stated.


Hungary called it a travesty that the GMO corn could be allowed into the EU when there was scientific proof that it had harmful effects.


In addition, it was untenable for the permit process to ignore the will of the majority of EU members, said the press briefing. It also stated that Hungary would do everything in its power to tighten up the EU permit process, to prevent it from ignoring reportedly demonstrated harmful effects and to give members the right to be heard and to prevent GMO crops from entering their countries.


Hungary already won a lawsuit against the European Commission that successfully banned Amflora GMO potatoes from being granted a permit, forcing the European Commission to nullify the permit it had already issued.


The EU recently failed to get the qualified majority vote needed to prevent the introduction of the TC1507 corn, produced by US-based DuPont Pioneer, although the European Food Safety Authority voiced concerns. It acknowledged that the toxic substances in its pollen were hazardous to some living creatures, and that scientific studies on its effects on living organisms had been insufficient.


DuPont submitted its request to disseminate TC1507 throughout the EU back in 2001, and rejecting the application would have required a super-majority vote. The actual vote was 19 opposed, four in favour, and four abstentions, one "nay" vote short. While the EU's governing Commission has not yet made an official decision.

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