February 20, 2006

Alltech discusses the solution to antibiotic resistance in Malaysia


It is the heavy global use of antibiotics that has led to widespread antibiotic resistance today. This issue was addressed in a recent poultry seminar organised by Alltech in Johor Bahru, Malaysia on Jan 17, 2006. The seminar focused on  'Fact or myth: antibiotic resistance' and was attended by over 30 poultry producers.


UK Consultant Jon Ratcliff's key concern at the seminar was "Controlling the proliferation of pathogenic antibiotic resistant bacteria, while at the same time maintaining health and performance without the use of antibiotic growth promoters that has become a challenge for the industry."


Jon further added, "A stable gut microbial ecosystem enhances resistance against pathogen colonisation. Bio-Mos®, a product from Alltech, can block the multi- resistant genetic material transferred from one bacteria to another."  


For over 12 years, Bio-Mos has been revolutionising animal diets worldwide and is supported by over 400 research trials (university, peer-reviewed and practical field studies). Bio-Mos has its own unique proprietary quality control process known as ARC. This quality control method from Alltech is based on true biological activity and guarantees consistency with every batch of Bio-Mos. ARC further supports Alltech's commitment to manufacturing reliable and traceable ingredients.


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