February 20, 2004



Bangladesh To Set Up Poultry Crisis Management Committee


Bangladesh has set up a 10-member poultry crisis management and promotion committee in a bid to revive falling domestic poultry demand, the United News of Bangladesh said on Wednesday.


The non-governmental Bangladesh Poultry Industries Coordination Committee (BPICC) was formed as domestic demand for poultry drop by one third following the spread of the deadly bird flu in neighboring countries of Asia.


The members were elected from scientists, veterinarians, breeders and producers of poultry in the country in a bid to promote poultry meat and egg sales in domestic as well as overseas market.


President of the World Poultry Science Association Bangladesh Branch Moshiur Rahman has been made convenor of the newly formed BPICC.


As part of the campaign to promote poultry sale, a rally on "Poultry Meat and Egg Promotion" and "Bird Flu-free Bangladesh" will be held soon.


There are some 150,000 poultry farms in the country, directly or indirectly involving 6 million people and producing 500 tons of broiler meat annually.


The country's poultry industry, with a investment of about 333 million US dollars, has an annual turnover of some 916 million dollars.

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