February 19, 2021

Australia's sustainable beef survey now open


Australia's beef producers are encouraged to participate in this year's Australian Beef Sustainability Framework's (ABSF), an annual survey that helps promote, protect and track the performance of the beef industry.


Developed in collaboration with stakeholders, ABSF aims to meet the changing expectations of consumers, customers, investors and other stakeholders, defining what sustainable beef production is and tracked performance over a series of indicators annually.


Tess, Herbert, chair of the Sustainability Steering Group which develops the ABSF, said producer engagement in the survey was essential as the data would be used in many ways to benefit the industry.


"The results from the producer sustainability survey are valuable, not only for proving our credentials but for strengthening and advancing our industry," Herbert said.


"There are a few key areas that our global customers, investors, special interest groups and consumers are interested in that require the input of industry through this producer survey.


"The evidence gathered also plays a vital role in guiding industry investments and resources, and providing support across the value chain, and will enable continuous improvement to promote the longevity and prosperity of the industry.


"Producers are at the forefront of the industry's sustainability efforts, and the value of understanding their experience on the ground is imperative to demonstrate the industry's sustainability. The more producers contribute, the more robust our data will be, and this is the best way we can hear from them."


Through initiatives like CN30 and the ABSF's previous annual updates, Herbert said the Australian red meat and livestock industry was already a step forward in demonstrating sustainability credentials.  ABSF's previous annual updates have proven effective in providing hard facts necessary to reinforce key sustainability work and messages.


"Meat & Livestock Australia, in collaboration with industry, government and research partners continues to proactively take action by investing in research, development and adoption projects to enable the industry to move towards sustainable outcomes," Herbert said.


"CN30 is just one example of the industry's commitment to move towards a more sustainable sector. This survey is another way we can continue to develop sustainability objectives that can practically encourage continuous improvement."


Data collection will be done by Meat & Livestock Australia on behalf of ABSF.


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