February 18, 2022


Vietnam exported over US$1 billion in seafood to the EU in 2021



Vietnam exported more than US$1 billion in seafood to the EU in last year, with 72% of all exports to the region include Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy and France, Fish Information & Services reported.


The increased exports to the EU were thanks to a vaccination campaign and economic stimulus package launched by Vietnam at the start of 2021. EVFTA tariff advantages also caused seafood exports to rise to the EU market.


Shrimp exports increased 19% to hit US$613 million, or 57% of all seafood exported by Vietnam. The top three destinations for Vietnamese shrimp are the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. This includes both whiteleg shrimp and black tiger shrimps.


Tuna exports increased 6.4% reaching above US$144 million, accounting for 13% of Vietnam's seafood exports to the region. The US was the biggest destination, importing the most frozen loin/fillet, followed by processed tuna (except canned fish). Exports of other processed tuna were 43% up, while fresh tuna exports were 18% down. Among Vietnam's three biggest markets of Italy, Germany and Spain, only Italy increased tuna imports.


Vietnam's pangasius exports to the EU decreased compared to prior years, 17% down and only accounting for 10% of Vietnam's seafood exports. This was caused by rising sea freight rates to the EU.


-      Fish Information & Services

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