February 18, 2004



Taiwan Tuna To Tap Into International Markets


Taiwan tuna producers has plans to tap into global markets in Europe, United States as well as its own domestic market, the Taiwan Deep Sea Tuna Boatowners and Exporters Association officials said on Monday.


Currently, the majority of Taiwanese tuna is exported to Japan.


The officials said Taiwan's current tuna fishing fleet is made up of more than 600 vessels, and Chiencheng Fishing Harbor in Kaohsiung, sothern Taiwan, is their major port.


Taiwan's annual tuna catch is around 400,000 tons, ranking first in the world, and bringing in more than NT$40 billion (US$1.2 billion) each year.


To encourage local people to eat tuna and to diversify the market, the association has begun to plan a series of promotional activities, hoping to increase domestic consumption.


They noted that tuna caught by deep sea tuna vessels are kept at ultra low temperatures of 50 or 60 degree Celsius below zero, which they said can best preserve the freshness and delicious taste of the fish.

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