February 16, 2017

TEXHA: Exploring success in US egg production market



Participation in different specialised poultry events help TEXHA - a cage-free equipment manufacturer - to assess prospects concerning beneficial relations with American poultry farmers, the company says.
TEXHA provides equipment for laying hens in the US and European Countries in accordance to legislation of these regions. Currently, it promotes an alternative system of free-range management that meet local regulations for egg production.
The company has shown interest in the US poultry market for several years. The first installation of its equipment happened in 2015; the customer was Rembrandt Foods that has purchased the equipment for a 100,000 bird poultry farm. Since then, the company actively works on developing equipment suited to the requirements of US egg producers.

"This year's IPPE is the must-attend event for us, and we were perfectly well prepared," TEXHA's US direction sales manager Volodymyr Kovalsky said. "Our team is determined to (see) success and we really have many profitable propositions for American poultry market."

TEXHA will next make its appearance at the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention in US this March.


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