February 15, 2024


Renaissance BioScience and VIDO collaborate on yeast-based solution for swine health


Renaissance BioScience (RBSC) has entered a strategic partnership with the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organisation (VIDO), focusing on cutting-edge yeast-based technology to address key health concerns in swine and piglets, Farm Journal's Pork reported.


The collaboration, supported by a US$600,000 grant from the Saskatchewan Agricultural Development Fund, aims to target diseases and enhance immune system function in livestock.


Leading the initiative is Heather Wilson, a renowned scientist specialising in vaccine formulation and delivery at VIDO. Wilson will oversee two distinct projects aimed at developing cost-effective, safe, and non-invasive health solutions that can be easily incorporated into swine feed.


The first project focuses on the development of orally delivered yeast-based vaccines for porcine epidemic diarrheal virus (PEDV) and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV). These vaccines aim to combat prevalent diseases in swine and improve overall health outcomes.


The second project aims to study gut health, immunity, and growth in piglets. RBSC and VIDO will collaborate on the development of an orally delivered yeast that secretes peptides, zinc, and essential amino acids into the swine's digestive system. This innovative approach seeks to mitigate stress, protect against infections, maintain gut health, and promote lean muscle growth in piglets.


RBSC said that the yeast-based approach offers several advantages for livestock health and productivity. Yeast serves as an effective carrier for bioactive molecules, protecting them in the harsh intestinal environment and during feed production. Moreover, yeast is a common component of livestock feed, facilitating the adoption of this technology in practical applications.


-      Farm Journal's Pork

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