February 15, 2021


70 MENA poultry producers attend USSEC webinar held through Egyptian soy center



The US Soybean Export Council (USSEC) has recently held its ninth poultry production training programme through the Egypt Soy Excellence Center this month.


The five-hour webinar was held in cooperation with Cairo University and the Egyptian Poultry Association on February 9.


70 participants from the poultry industry in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region took part in "Modern Techniques for the Management of Broiler Breeder." Topics covered in depth during the webinar included: "Vitamins and Minerals in Breeders"; "How to Reach Optimum Body Weight, Uniformity and Sexual Maturity"; "The Male Reproductive System and Fertility"; and "Principle of Poultry House Ventilation."


An interactive roundtable discussion provided participants with a Q&A session to continue their discussion.


USSEC plays an important role in improving the performance of Egypt's poultry production by helping to lower production costs and increase consumption.


Poultry is a major consumer of soymeal in Egypt. Government ownership in crushing and poultry production is helping to increase the country's level of daily protein consumption per capita.



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