February 15, 2013

Russia's poultry company Akashevo to export halal poultry

Akashevo will become the first Russian agricultural holding company to supply halal poultry meat in the Middle East.


According to the Saudi Arabia's government website, Akashevo will begin supplying frozen halal poultry meat to the Sahel Al-Madinan Company. In addition, Akashevo has also been approved to export to other Middle Eastern countries, including Bahrain, Iran and the United Arab Emirates. It is reported that the contract states a total volume of 38,000 tonnes of poultry meat will be supplied annually, although this number could be increased in the future.


With over 20 million Muslims living in Russia, halal production is a fast developing industry, production of which has been conducted with the support of the Islamic Chamber Research & Information Centre (ICRIC). Russia has also been an observer in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation since 2005.


Director of the International Centre for Halal Standardization and Certification of Russia Muftis Council, Aidar Gazizov said, "The main world halal market players are Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay [and] Paraguay. However, analysts say that the global industry of poultry meat production has not advanced as much as Russia has done over the last few years."


Akashevo has already begun implementing a program that could increase its poultry production output to 200,000 tonnes by the end of 2013, with the construction of a poultry plant in the Kuzhenerskom area of Mari El, eastern Russia.

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